Flying Eggs Micro-Project

Egg falling

This classic creative micro-project will provide an enthralling team experience and lots of learning about teams and customer-focused development. Tried and tested, it's possibly exactly what you need to embed in the team-building or project kick-off meeting that you are planning.

 15 EUR


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Flying eggs is a micro-project which will give you great results when you are seeking a perspective on team-building, innovation, product design and development, or just ordinary project management. The task of protecting an egg from a drop of about two or three floors is interesting and challenging enough in itself.   

The added value is in the scenario, materials and services with prices, realistic roles, project reviews and two products to produce within their team, such that you can develop themes such as portfolio management and customer-driven development.

Anyone who has worked on such a real creative project will recognise the experience described - the huge investment in energy, the intense commitment of each team member, the sharing of  skills and insight, the creative synergies ... When people are grouped together and given a common objective in a challenging situation, something explosive seems to take place. The combination of a team, a common unique objective and a deadline is the catalyst which releases the energy.

The opportunity to gain experience and share learning about customer contact and creativity, design management and teamwork are unparalleled in such a short time as the two and a half hours necessary to perform this exercise, present the results and obtain feedback.






 : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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