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Communicating heads

This document of 10 pages with 12 games will help you to use communication games to boost communication skills



Communication is so much a part of our everyday lives that we forget to learn and to improve.   With communication, a little improvement goes a long way; by listening better, but also by clarifying the message, by making the message more memorable, by checking the message has been understood correctly, and by adapting the message to the situation, the medium and the audience.

Ultimately communication skills are what define a leader, a successful manager, a happy relationship and good parenting skills.  However, as much we talk about communication, it can sound empty until we give specific instances and examples.  Thus a game can communicate some important points quickly and painlessly.  Rather than search all over the Internet, you can gather some games here speedily and abundantly.  They will always be a good resource for your presentations, workshops and training courses. : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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