Obstacles to project management

Obstacles course in project management

This questionnaire enables you to assess the nature of the obstacles you face in optimising project management in your organization

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Promoting good practices through project management, improving performance, wellbeing, effectiveness and reliability: the potential of project management can be enhanced by overcoming some typical roadblocks and obstacles.

This questionnaire invites people to consider the obstacles in terms of management and organizational issues, technical and procedural issues, culture and belief issues, and people issues.  Knowing where the issues lie is a good place to start in order to persuade people that project management has a more complete and deeper contribution to make.

Projects are important, they deliver innovation and change.  Projects can be difficult for the same reason.  And projects have often been under-invested due to these challenges.  However, projects are also the area where you can get the biggest return on investment through easy wins.  But, first you need to conquer some of the resistance and overcome the obstacles.  This questionnaire can help people to own up to where the stand before making the resolutions to improve. 


Metanaction.com : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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