Distance game

Distance Bridge

In this exciting distance game each team must balance trisk and results.  Participants learn how to optimize teamwork at a distance, in order to improve business outcomes and reduce the threats inherent in telecommunication and interpretation of information at a distance. As always, full facilitator instructions are provided.


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This distance game gives practice in managing a team and communicating at a distance, whilst developing and executing a strategy within a context which is emerging and also mutating.  Each team must balance the risk and results. 

The distance game provides an opportunity to practice teamwork at a distance, to analyse and interpret information, to communicate and make decisions and to develop and exercise a strategy; all at a distance because the participants each work through their PC, using e-mail or messaging to communicate.   

The participants, organized in teams, are in charge of investing in the Asian market for luxury products.  Since this is a new market, there are judgements and decisions to be made, based on imcomplete and imperfect information.  The teams are competitive and seek to understand the revenue opportunities offered by the market, whilst managing their investment costs and keeping an eye on the competition.  

This activity is typical of fast-moving and evolving markets which demand constant  analysis, frequent reassessment, and excellent communication capabilities; at all levels and all at a distance.


Metanaction.com : Ian Stokes, freelance project director

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