Transversality Game

Transversality game

The transversality game can make a great contribution to an organisation that is improving the ability of its staff to work effectively across organisational boundaries.  This product offers you a method (the transversality index), a tool for thinking about transversality and a game that puts the stress on cooperation under pressure.


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Transversality is a word used for working across functional boundaries, for integrating disciplines and even for working in inter-cultural teams.  Usually transversality suggests horizontal communication and cooperation.  The skills of working across boundaries are just as important vertically up and down the organisation, and between different organisations. In all of these cases, an effort is necessary to understand the other parties and to invest in collaboration.

This activity is about teams that must share resources in order to succeed, but the resources are not evenly distributed. The teams must bother compete and cooperate, which is similar to many kinds of business situation and human interaction. A number of different variants are suggested to help you adjust the concept and use the game in different ways.  

There are two other resources contained within this product that can help to develop the theme of transversality: a transversality matrix to explore and develop the different kinds of actions that stimulate and encourage transversality; and guidelines for how to create a transversality index, quiz or questionnaire within an organisation based upon different people’s understanding of the constraints and contributions of other departments than their own. : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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