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This is a light, minimalist and agile approach to managing projects based on our problem solving cycle: check, think, plan, do. It includs project roles, principles and deliverables. The main principle is that you need fully active and continuous participation from sponsor, client representative, project manager and experts alike, starting from the initiation phase and then throughout the project to create the feedback loops between technologies and market that are critical to success.


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Testing is a critical skill that requirs a specific attitude.  Testing is an 'art' as much as a science that requirs tools and data. And it is a universal skill and art that we need throughout our lives.

All of us make misteaks, especially when we are being creative and when we are learning.  In fact, mistakes are how we learn. The ability to capture mistakes early, before they become too costly, to understand our mistakes and to correct our errors can make the biggest possible impact on our performance (especially the stupid mistakes, which are about 80%, from school onwards.) 

But, don't expect to never ever repeat your misteaks.  For that you would need a fautless process or system that recognises the error occuring and makes corrections for you. And processes and systems are made by people... : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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