Tanks on parade and users who drink beer

When a tank driver wants a drink, he tends to reach for a beer. You can open a beer bottle with your teeth, but a better way is to crack it open on the ridge of a hard surface. 

As the beer bottles in the inside of the tank were opened and consumed, the hard rim around the dashboard degraded. Eventually, entire units had to be replaced. Now, tank drivers are not supposed to consume beers whilst on duty, especially in Middle Eastern countries (yes, it was.) Therefore, you cannot sell a tank with a bottle opener. But, what you can do is to reinforce the metal rim of the dashboard so that you can reduce maintenance costs (it's called "integrated logistics support".) Any beer drinker would recognise its potential. 

Tank designers are bound up with specifications on firepower, navigability, manoeuvrability and robustness. But, how many take account of the demands of a parade through the capital city? As an array of thirty tanks advances down the Champs Elysées, each must have its barrel perfectly aligned. Whoever would have thought that a vehicle designed for the heat of combat would have to look so beautiful?


Straw Games

Straw tower construction site

There are almost as many ways to use plastic drinking straws as a building material as for plastic bricks.  Straws are lighter and more flexible.  This kit with guidelines and ideas will set you up to create project design, innovation and management sessions that are suitable for all kinds of training and workshop events, both indoors and out of doors. 


Preview project games

The Straw Game is just what you need to run a creative micro-project team experience, providing a fun and enjoyable moment whilst practising some real project skills. There are many variants to the straw tower or bridge.  And you can run the project in an agile fashion, for design and customer interaction, or as a traditional engineering, procurement and construction project with a contract and a specification.

By using the straws as a construction material you can provide different constraints for logistics, security, fabrication and cost engineering, with sufficient risk, adequate change and occasional incident, and all within a tight deadline, if requird.  This set of materials will give you lots of ideas for the preparation and facilitation. 

This game is very scalable. Straws are very light to carry around in a suitcase and so you can organise small to large workshops with a few teams of three or four individuals, right up to teams of ten or twelve who integrate their sub-modules and compete with other teams. You could even run a session composed of many hundreds of people. 


Metanaction.com : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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