Transversality Workshop

Transversality is the ability to work across functional boundaries, in multi-disciplinary teams and to achieve success on intercultural projects.  Studies indicate that the ability of people to communicate across departmental boundaries is closely correlated with business effectiveness. Integrated project teams have been proven to be the leading ‘value improving practice’. The ultimate success factor is a company’s ability to operate effectively by creating unbeatable products and services. The boundaries are barriers. This workshop is preceded by an appraisal of the degree of knowledge and understanding that exists between departments and within a company’s operating structures, including the supply chain.  It then proceeds with the exchange of information and the search for areas of future transparency, synergies and synchronisation.

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Four people in a bar

We find it easier to interpret information that is formatted in a way that plays to our intuition.  Our minds are actually quite good at detecting cheats.  It's an important survival instinct.  This problem is surprisingly difficult until we reduce its abstraction and make it relate to the kind of situation for which we are wired.  You'll see it first in its abstract version, and then in its real world example. 

Puzzles : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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