Division of Labor is not Optimization

The most effective companies I’ve ever worked with are those in which the engineers understand marketing and marketing understands engineering.
Now, why should this be so extraordinary, or so unusual? We could substitute designers for engineers and finance for marketing; or developers and users, production and projects, operations and sales. 
Why do we focus so obsessively on division of labor, with the end result that only one person at the top of the tree can see the whole picture? 
It isn’t all about FW Taylor and Adam Smith’s division of labor. It’s because we believe that specialization keeps things simple; simple and stupid is easy to manage and ‘easy to manage’ is easier to optimize.  And that’s where we lose the plot.
You may have optimized a process, but you haven’t optimized the organization. Now you’re on the highest peak in the vicinity, but you’re not at the top of the world. And that’s where a world class company needs to be.
I searched the web for “Division of labor isn’t optimization” and other similar versions, in English and American.
Finding developers that understand the business and managers that understand the technology; everyone recognizes that this a key to success, but you don’t find it much in practice, except amongst entrepreneurs.
So, let’s start here …. Business understanding, curiosity and communication.   Let’s go !

Metanaction.com : Ian Stokes, Project Leader and Advisor

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